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Malachi - Anatomy lyrics

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I'm saying head shoulders knees and toes it goes to show that everyone know about anatomy A-N-A-T-O-M-Y you can look it up if you got WI-FI on your smart phone alphabetical order bone to bone and you can talk to your doctor about all those little bones in your tail bone "also anyone who is not lacktoseintolerant make sure you drink milk everyday and I dont care what kind of milk 2% whole skim chocolate almond fat free JUST DRINK IT! Lets talk about legs A.K.A your femur the biggest bone in your skeletal system because you have a pair of them you can actually list them under A-N-A-T-O-M-Y. Y-M-O-T-A-N-A-Y and some of my cats have tumors so thier probebly gonna die "wait did i just spell anatomy backwards"? "How original". the skull is a big ball inside your head. "right". It has holes for your eyes and your nose. "correct". I think thats the only bone that protects your brain thats insane. I think im just as good as lil Wayne. "mabye im not so sure about that one". "moving on"! The girls have a uterus we boys have a humerous wait my mistake girls do have a humerous and a pankrious and i know this girl named Angie who has no phalangies. "which are thumbs by the way". OHHHHHHHHHH A-N-A-T-O-M-Ymy name is M-A-L-A-C-H-I two more times now A-N-A-T-O-M-Y Its the study of bones man dont be shy. A-N-A-T-O-M-Y. I still dont know how birds can fly. A-N-A-T-O-M-Y. I think its time to say goodbye. Well i had fun i hope we can do this another time!

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