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Mac Sabbath - Pair-a-Buns lyrics

Finish up the quarter pounder
All that beef we have to find
Need to grow cows faster faster
Faster faster all the time

All day long we slaughter things
Trying to keep you satisfied
We use feed that grows a cow
Or chicken twice than half its size

Can you help me
Scratch the tumor on my brain

We found ways to feed cows scraps
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Of other cows that get left behind
Some go mad and some feel real
Happiness and some go blind

Drink a coke and supersize your
Order and get extra fries
Happiness your child will feel
While he eats his happy meal

And so as you hear these words
Of our process cows and birds
Eat and drink and enjoy life
Where you don't need a fork or knife

I'm lovin' it

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