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Mac Sabbath - Not So Hood? lyrics

Not so hood?

Lil literature

How am i not so hood
They say I s** at rap
But I think I'm pretty good
All my raps are cleaner than a window
My character is cooler than the flip side of a pillow
Water s**s yeah I really like soda
Love dr pepper man screw c**a cola
Everybody says my socks stink
I can snap, and I can blink
I wanna be hood
But I'm not hood
But I think that I should be hood
I wanna be hood
But I'm not hood
But I think that I should be hood
Most people say I s**
My real fans wish me good luck
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All the teachers say I need to watch the tone
My swag stays fresh like some cheap colone
Went to walmart and got a buggy
I filled it with a million snuggies
But everyone still thinks I'm the coolest pimp in the town
Even thou I'm not real pimp
Lil literature, Mac sabbath
I'm not really that well built
But I can gladly make yo a quilt
All da kids used to call me a turd
Well who's the rapper now go cry ya little nerd
I really enjoy orange toothpaste
Don't mess with me
I'll throw a paper wad at yo face
Man I really need a berating treatment after this song
I think that's the end
I would like to thank Mac sabbath for producing
This awesome masterpiece
Peace out
Oh, I would also thank my biggest inspiration blazon hazen
That's it, goodbye

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