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Mac Sabbath - Frying Pan lyrics

I have frying pan

Cows we're going to grind
Hope your stomach is well lined
Do I have the gall?
Chopping onions makes me bawl

Fixing your daily bread
Hope this pan's not made of lead
A big red curly hair
Gave that customer quite a scare

I once burned your meal
My old job was cooking veal
Now it's a culinary crime
All our future is pink slime

Everybody wants it
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Turn this grease into gold
Excluding the veggies
Trimming the cheese of mold

Butter I must smear
For frying pan to cook steer
Seafood they sometimes crave
Filet o' Fish we'll ride this wave

Everybody wants it
On gluten bleached flour bread
Everybody needs it
Till they're fat and dead

Heavy longing for bed
Fry these cows until you're fed
Throwing out your raisin bran
Frying pan lives again

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