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M!xTapper - Nights Spent lyrics


This is usually how my weekend goes
Closed blue room
All alone
With a laptop
Hooked up to a microphone
Feeling strong & all mighty
Not really
Cause truth be told I'm feeling tiny
& I'm so silly

I over think too much
Until it's meant to be.
Cause nowadays
My friends are going out without me
I knew that something was up
And now we're all screaming to the heavens that enough is enough.

I'll think about it
Then ill have second thoughts
After it's over
I try to listen to Obama & just move forward
But I never do
At least without looking over by back
And realizing the fact
That all my past friends were wack

You said you'd always be there
What happened to that?
Who would have thought that you'd be
Rolling joints and zig-zags
& now your getting high
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Alone with a bunch of guys
Who have no morals
Meaning there's no meaning of life
Towards that

The nights spent trying to piece together my dream
Like do I wanna save lives or sell mp3's.
And I'm not looking for an easy way out
I swear I'd go through my university years no doubt.
I ain't trying to change paths
Maybe this is all a phase
Let me just do this math
Quick cause it's due in a couple of days

I'm stressed out
Just want to scream it all out
I wanna do both
But life is feeling so profound
Like wow
I just need some time to figure this out right
Alone in my bedroom
Cheers to a summer night
Hopefully I'll eventually see the light

Cause the nights spent
Trying to piece together everything is
Numerously growing until I realize I can be anything

It's my life
I can do whatever I wanna do
I just gotta live it right
And as long as I can picture a future of me richer
I know it's not about the money..
But without it were all getting bitter.

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