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M-Silly - Stress relief lyrics

damm M silly you an flop nigga
Fuck with it yeah Yeah
Fuck with it yeah Yeah
Fuck with it yeah yeah
Fuck with it yeah yeah
[verse]1M silly
They say I am only hard in this
As life it going ,I am stack in this
Like they ain't right to me
This shxtt It beating like a heart to me
The reason that make me to be alive
I mean
I bounce like no one in this
I am to much in this
Sometimes I get afraid for what
I am going to be in life
In time ,like every moment of
My life
I gain to much
I said to much like I meant to much
This bars come across
But I never save them ;I sent them
As I am flowing they reloading
Like when people die some get born
Then I will never end
Really I can't see the dash
Wait a second
You been talking shxtt
Nigga you don't know if that shxtt
Is really
Insure and tell me
You saw me deep,cause I am locked
And my flows are blocked
But I still go ahead hopping someone is willing to pop of
And open the gates
Now I am running again
Should I tell you what going on
But I don't expect you to get it
Cause you don't get it ,do yall
Fake boys think I am cold
Nigga I am warm as shxtt
Take this home with the massage
And tell them it M silly
Ĺike who still go rap in this days
All of this Niggaz go trap
So ain't trapping ,I am showing some fate ,I had it with this shxtt
I can't even sleep no more
I had your shxtt ,you been talking
A lot about me
Fuck with it yeah Yeah
Fuck with it yeah Yeah
Fuck with it yeah yeah
Fuck with it yeah yeah
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[Verse]2M silly
I am thinking to much,I don't think
I am even around here,I lost my mind
Some body wake me up
I feel like death,press me up
Take your damm chance of your life
I wanna lean myself up
Before I annihilate your shxtt
With my greatness
I got a problem with myself
Let me try to contain it
I only find bad behave shxtt
I tried to shape it ,but it perfect
In the way , nigga i gloat it
I an young god ,my bars never
Been shot,I put so much effort
Try get the fame but the fame catch
The wrong names ,I hope I got it
With this shxtt
Man I had this Niggaz talking shxtt
Keep talking ,what not ever really
Let be really niggaz,I am the shxtt
[Verse]3M silly
Fuck with it ,my only way is to rhyme
With it ,now they want me die or alive,but I say fuck with it
You know I am hard with it
I look focused when I move with it
I am cool with it ,move with me
Better hold cause I am about to
Boom with this
You doomed I mean
I never been in a movie like this
I need a picture ,look how cool
I look
You know I do more than this
More like him
That why you hate on me
I make you itch ,when you feeling me
You snooze on me
I say fuck your movements
Ain't cool to me
I am super chill ,check my style
It to much effort
You effortless check your swag
Better than my sleep clothes
You know you cold
Fuck with it yeah Yeah
Fuck with it yeah Yeah
Fuck with it yeah yeah
Fuck with it yeah yeah
Hastag my haters,hastag my haters

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