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LyQuin - Benefits lyrics

yeah yeah yeah yeah. (This what they want tho right?) yeah
check it come f** with a n***a with benefits she see all this money we spending it,I told her let's get it we get it in we breaking the rules you just bending them.
she wanted a n***a with benefits,she wanted a n***a with benefits.(yeah) she wanna be friends but with benefits.i get to that paper I'm spending it .
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She all in my bed man I'm in the sh** she saying my name when I'm k**ing it (quin)
I tell em don't sleep on the dream team,ALL OF MY BROS WANT THE SAME THING!(yeah) up in the club yelling gang gang .i don't give a f** what a lame think ! And we f** with them b**hes that don't need a n***a for nothing ,(woah woah) ride for a n***a and always keep it 1hunnit (yea yea yea)And I'm bout to k** it and make them so sick to they stomach. Your girl want to f** but im just trying to keep it platonic. I'm on my grind got to eat, expensive actions I know talk is cheap I'm saying less just say the least 301 man I r

*** Thanks Fat Susie for the lyrics

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