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LyQuin - Benefits lyrics

yeah yeah yeah yeah. (This what they want tho right?) yeah
check it come fuck with a nigga with benefits she see all this money we spending it,I told her let's get it we get it in we breaking the rules you just bending them.
she wanted a Nigga with benefits,she wanted a nigga with benefits.(yeah) she wanna be friends but with benefits.i get to that paper I'm spending it .
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She all in my bed man I'm in the shit she saying my name when I'm killing it (quin)
I tell em don't sleep on the dream team,ALL OF MY BROS WANT THE SAME THING!(yeah) up in the club yelling gang gang .i don't give a fuck what a lame think ! And we fuck with them bitches that don't need a nigga for nothing ,(woah woah) ride for a nigga and always keep it 1hunnit (yea yea yea)And I'm bout to kill it and make them so sick to they stomach. Your girl want to fuck but im just trying to keep it platonic. I'm on my grind got to eat, expensive actions I know talk is cheap I'm saying less just say the least 301 man I r

*** Thanks Fat Susie for the lyrics

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