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Luka Lesson - History Books lyrics

I'm sick of hearing about Captain Cook
he was not the worst of the bunch
check in your history books
he had orders to show Indigenous people respect
it's just a pity that he landed with a cargo full of convicts

Who didn't care about respect
they were fighting to survive
they came from a city where rats could eat you alive
and they were fully of pain themselves
they'd just spent months in a cell
trapped with chains and gangrenous health
and brains full of hate

And that hate spread life wildfire
and it they took it out on every black man, woman and child
their brains were full of Darwin's theories of evolution
it formed the basis of executions
and that's the basis for this artistic revolution
because no man is better than any other man or more advanced
look what we've done to this place
and tell me we're more advanced

No we are not
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we were wrong
that's the sound of change my friends

For the first hundred years we had a frontier landscape
with no laws to follow or cops to enforce a mandate
and by the time there were laws and things became illegal
the government gave the public guns to k** Aboriginal people
because they were 'squatting' on pristine white farmland
and now we've all got rich
we can sit and judge them from our armchairs

The same thing happened with the Nazis didn't it?
where my ancestors were marched up a mountain and
pushed off a cliff
that's what happened to the ancestors of these Aboriginal
so now we make music just to share a common reason to live
and if an N.T. teacher doesn't care about what their history
you think they're gonna go to cla** and listen to sh**?

You better listen to this
because hip-hop and poetry are the only places
a real education can still exist

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