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LuisDJM - Who Killed It? (The Sketch Bonus Track) lyrics

[Verse 1: LuisDJM]
The scenario is I'm twisted like a DNA strand
An acid without D. Nucleic whenever I rap;
My PH is at 0, (Chance), You got neutral lines
See the only time you burn is when I set you on fire
I leave pussies on padded rooms when I bloody their rapping booths
Straight jacket on my writing tools
Just to stop myself from slaughtering these motherfucking fools
If I drop your bars out, better take them back to school
Bitch, I ain't playing nice, motherfucker I'm killing!
Put a Christmas tree on your mic and you still can't rap
Act Gifted like Wale and you're still gonna come off whack
Fuck a May homie, you're gonna ask for you're money back!
I'm a zombie eating rappers, you're a tranny biting styles
Like a 1-D fan girl on Bath Salts going psycho
My arms are on fire shooting pyro
Am gone; my caliber is equivalent to rifles

[Verse 2: Major Dre]
Leader of the New School I don't attend class
Already got a bachelors in smacking that ass
My credentials goes past that of a post grad
But I can still school you niggas on how to write ya raps
My flow is like clippers it goes over ya head
I leave these rappers twisted like im styling some dreads
Im doper then that white shit that comes from the feds
Have you think you seeing shit right under ya bead
Words are kinda wicked A morlock to these witches
Stomping genies for wishes Scaring Harry Potter Shitless
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Snakes slithering can't escape from the Griffins
My name not Chris but I'm sort of a Magician
Cereal killer ya charms not lucky
You honey nut rappers starting to bug me
Dont fall for tricks not that type of bunny
I like my women cocoa ass kinda puffy
If the president making c's I'm jumping the boat
Won't trust a bush with my seeds killing trees hope
Uncle Sam wants me as a sacrifice for war
But I don't plan on dying for a cause that I don't know
(Fuck im complaining for I don't even vote)

[Verse 3: DILU]
A modern day version of samurais at their greatest
My pen is mightier than the sword with a double edged playlist
Learning the ways of Picasso with Sun Tzu as my teacher
And lyrics hotter than a sweat lodge packed with sinning preachers
No way to referee this performer with constant pedigree
Thats bringing down the walls of Jericho for the ones prepared to beef
Undercooked appetizers the only thing in my retina
With eyes in the back of my cranium thats xraying the threat in the
Area these brain damaged witnesses in hysteria
The angry wrath of a demigod thats breaking the Mantra Barrier
Right hand to the sky im labeled a vessel to the tyranny
As empty as the eyes of a crazy man when it comes to fear in me
Fuck a cheat code raps is naturally infinite
Clear the whole room with this poison when I vent to this
Control is certain moving up in the ranks is definite
You know the name you know the team bitch respect the Testament

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