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LuisDJM - Teaser 1 lyrics

Kids that try to rhyme but don't know sh** about the culture
Should just lay that pen down and feed their a**es to a vulture
My lines are hard as knuckles but they'll do more than just punch you
And my pencil might be dull, but trust me, it will make a puncture
I leave my competition dead
Give no compa**ion to no man
f** fashion; I'm a man
You're a b**h playing pretend
Whats My Name? LuisDJM
f** your favorites, I don't play 'em
I am Hip-Hop, I am Mayhem
f** d**h I ain't leavin'
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You b**hes crash like a used up broad
I crash Like a Molotov
And IF you rap, better pray to God
I don't f** you up, like your so called mom
As a lyricist I am Jesus bringing the apocalypse
To ANY type of species who don't know what talent is
I am Socrates, spitting justice, a philosophist
You're a faggot, spitting more lies than a novelist
So whoever thought that I was gone
Was too busy s**ing cum
Cause I was born to give you rap
Until we're blown to kingdom come

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