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LuisDJM - Final Hour lyrics

[Verse 1: LuisDJM]
Satan sold his soul to me
Now you kittens gonna fear me like Slender Man knocking on your windshield
Name is O.T., my alliance is official
We set the rules here without the stripes or the whistle
Made your life miserable on twitter
Now your a** is stuck to a nest; no chipper
Ya said I was whack, now you hoes reconsider
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Cause when I pick up the mic, all your lips just zipper, yeah
Heard them stray dogs are in love with us, but keep it anonymous
Cause they cannot f** with us, or flow with us
Everyone in here sounds like Jermaine Cole
Or Kendrick Lamar with the same words, same flow
No Originality, Hip-Hop's Cold
Dead underground filled with the same souls;
Point is, we're bringing something different to the table;
We, Ourselves, us: Ain't to need for a label

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