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LuisDJM - Bath Salts (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: D.I.L.U.]
We finna kill this shit

[Verse 1: D.I.L.U.]
Catastrophic with a pen and a Note Pad
Feel free to step but prepare for a toe tag
The forces of evil brought me back for this track
The flow is intact to launch the attack
Hunting people down one by one
Decapitating competition that's the game I'm playing
Got a bitch riding shotgun with my shotgun aimed at her shotgun
If you know what I'm saying
We ain't nothing but a bunch of motherfuckers trying to survive
In a world where your forced to strive or die
With dreams to make it big, but in the mean time
Gotta settle for college or a simple nine to five
We so hot we sizzling
[Lyrics from: https:/]
That if you even come close that's instant cremation
That's the consequence when you come up against, this newly developed creation

[Verse 3: Luis,D'J.M.]
Got the whole world screaming Texas Hold 'Em Up
Thinking we're about to break; better fold 'em dawg
Gonna smoke the whole game; better roll it up
But I can't smoke so I gotta blow it off
Think I stole your babe like "Oh the stroller's gone"
Gonna bag her up, gonna mess her up
Gonna fuck her up, gonna choke her up
Then I'mma rip her up, like a murder plot
Fuck sitting on the throne, bitch I made it
Cause no one's ever gonna say that they sat there
But I'm Mexican so it's obvious that I made it
Get it?
Air to the throne, I deflate it
Fuck the crown bitch, I enslaved it
Took the game and then I slayed it
And who the fuck is to blame? the sick fuckheads
That make up the Old Testament

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