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Luis lopez - Chaos lyrics

[Intro: Heath Ledger]
Introduce a little anarchy
Upset the established order
And everything becomes chaos
I'm an agent of chaos
Oh, and you know the thing about chaos?
It's fair

[Verse 1: Devin Salem]
Iced out like happy feet bitch
Doing crack like these lips
I'm a sad to see sight it seems
You know i beat the pussy up, lion king
Fuck promethazine imma sniff iodine
Devin Salem go hard like a barbell
Get a bitch wet, Sharktales
It wasn't heartfelt
Five for the Gucci belt
Sniffing white fucking up my white blood cells
And I've never been one for that fuckshit
I need a bitch who suck dick and cook ramen
Fuck a fistfight, Taliban bombings
Doing bathsalt kilograms, bitch I'm a zombie

[Verse 2: Snorlaxxx]
Better recognize my composition
Cause when I'm flexing out you nonexistent
Never checking out my competition
Cause when I'm stepping out you know I kill them
Ain't a ghost but I'm possessing all these damn racks
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Where my fans at, I'm always spitting anthrax
Nike socks but you know I can't afford that
Call me Link, you better watch out where my sword at
I got four names, Jorge, por que?
Traphouse where my whores stay, icy bitch in Norway
You can't fuck with me I know your porn gay
Always eating cake like it's my born day

[Verse 3: False Profit]
Better be ready for more
Profit's got something in store
Me and Snorlaxxx both dated a whore
Alright I'm kidding she wasn't a whore
Just one of them bitches without no remorse
Never in my right mind
Living in nightlife
Look at all this time fly
I bet you think that I'm high
But I'm trying to find my way
Out of the gateways of hell
Bet you my heads gonna swell
Hella hoes on my phone like Alex Bell
Told her she'd die if she tells
I know that she got sickle cells
But I ain't a doctor
So I'm tryna block her
Cause she's off her rocker
She jumped off the harbor
To Davy Jones' Locker but
I'm still a sweet talker

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