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Lucky Dube - Jah Save Us lyrics

Satan is working day and night Doing the best he can To destroy what jah created
Trying by all means
To get us off the way, Rastafari... L
ook around and tell me what you see,
listen to the people speaking And tell me what they say, Spot ah around
Tell I and I what the man say

Jah save us
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Jah save us (3x)
Them ah come ah inna I and I ah ghotto Carrying a machine gun-man, ahhhh,
them ah bawl but the lingue I nuh overstand-man,
I and I nuh fear The babylon gun-mab
I'm just kneeling down and praying to Jah and say Jah,

Jah Jah Jah save us
Jah Jah protect us
Jah Jah Jah save us
Jah jah protect us

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