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Lucky Dube - Children In The Streets lyrics

Sitting by the door
One morning,
Looking at the children going to school man, then I thought about the ones in the street;
Moving up and down
No where to go,
No education,
No future.
Then I thought about their parents man, why do they suffer so much.
If they have parents why.
(if you really don't want no children why do you have them, why) [x2]

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We can fight and no one's hurt
We can stop children from the street. [x3]

It's a cold winter man, moving back cooler down khilo street man
His father is relaxing in the best bar in town asking them to fill his gla** man.

His mother is kissing on another man.
If you really don't want no children, why do you have them.
If you can't care for them why...

[Chorus till fade]

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