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Lucas Coly - I Just Wanna lyrics

Yeah, Lucas Coly
Yeah, know a couple things
Aye, is you really, yeah im like fuck the gang
Yeah, yeah, for the real me
Yeah oh yeaaaah

I just need to know a couple things
Is she down for a nigga, really fuck the gang
Aye, like is you down for the real me
Cause i just wanna ride with ya, hope you feel me
Hating on a nigga, so why
I just wanna make money, stack and roll blunts
Baby girl i love to fuck, but love it when we make love cause i love my mamacita, oo she help me stay up

(Verse 1)
I be going through it, wake up and i pray up
Asking God for money, when i get it ima save up
Niggas sleeping on me, guarantee they wake up
Yeah that might be a homie, guarantee that you ain't safe bruh
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I been on some other shit lately
I just pray my mama see me fucking make it
Lot of pain up on my heart and it be hard to fucking take it
Cause you go through a lot when you this famous
They told me go and keep ya head up, focus young nigga go and get ya bread up
They told me keep ya head up, focus young nigga go and get ya bread up
Boy im ballin


(Verse 2)
And if you ride shorty, ima ride on every thang
Girl that's on every thang, yeah that's on any name
You promise you gon hold it down so i won't say a thang
I promise if you love me right you get a wedding ring
I put my hustle on, im gone you know i got this shit and i be talking all this grinding cause im bout this shit
I know that ima be somebody i don't doubt the shit
Ballin so hard, they gon have to scout the shit
Cruisin, boolin, working i got no limits, wanna stack it, stay away so ima go get it
Yeah, working i got no limits, i wanna stack it, stay away so ima go and get it


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