Lucas Coly - Ten Toes lyrics

Ten Toes lyrics


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Lucas Coly I go through pain and baby sh** is cold Yeah, yeah I go through sh** and you go through sh** Listen, yeah, yeah aye [Verse] If I told you want I been through would you sit there with me? I feel the pain is running deep I'm quick to get the tripping See I don't really like the world cuz I don't really fit in But momma told me keep it going you cannot be slipping Any phony sh** around me I can't be with it God created me and said be you gon be gifted Imma bless you with a voice and you gon speak with it You gon be up there even tho them n***as sneak dissing That's it my n***a I done came on my own Made a name of my own With a brain of my own We is human, ain't nobody I can't take on my own Ain't sh** too me figure out that you a snake and I'm gone It be little sh** they doing I was doing it first Never trust people listen that sh** new is a curse Couple n***as do me dirty and I'm cool but it hurts I would drop names but it ain't sh** prove in this verse Told my momma Told my poppa Told my family, told my brother Told my baby never give up bae cause we still got each other And I know we go through sh** But girl I got you imma soldier I ain't finna let nobody touch you, if they do it's over yeah And all these people in my face I don't know why they bugging You run up on me the wrong way and Imma be like f** it Ain't sh** to loose that's what I'm feeling like I feel the pain I got a blunt cuz it ain't sh** tonight I'm good be everything good be I be rolling swishers but I be rolling woods b If I wasn't rapping don't know where the hell I would be Prolly posted up and making money as I should be like real n***as And yeah these n***as hate on me but b**h I'm still bigger And people told me they was real and I was still figure That they was up on phony sh** so I can't deal with em Type of people that you can't even share a meal with em Aye they know where I been tho I don't ever sugar coat, I really keep it ten toes n***as really funny f** a homie and a kin folk All I got is family throw the f** sh** out the window And what's up with this rap beef? sh** ain't never that deep If you look around everybody say they clap heat Leave me out the f** sh** I don't want to see you @ me All you n***as acting like some b**hes if you ask me f** it I'm tired of it Go through too much mother f**ing sh** f** this sh**...

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