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Lucas Coly - Just Thoughts Part 2 lyrics

I ain't got to do that much motherf**ing talking n***a
Y'all know who this is
Lucas Coly, yeah
And keep that mumble sh** over there
That's disrespectful to n***as like me
I ain't gon tell you n***as again
You might want to pay attention n***a
Yeah, yeah

f** an introduction, y'all should know me by now
Imma keep on going so these mumble rappers die down
I'm so hungry for this sh**, it make me want to bite down
Tired of people sleeping on me f** a night gown
If you ain't f** with me then don't be acting right now
I'm in the field, I see you n***as want to flag me down
I'm staying quiet around you people, I don't gasper sound
I got al ot of followers, I bet you want to hack me now
Smoking purp, think my voice getting raspy, ouch
n***as sending threats saying they gon come and smash me how?
f** it that's my least of worries, getting k**ed or shot
n***as k**ing n***as what? b**h go drill a cop
Realist n***a spitting sh**, you know I fill the spot
And Imma be the f**ing sh**, that's with a deal or not
I'm just a young black man chasing blue hundreds
n***as hate on what I'm doing, b**h have you done it
I was never good at school but i'm cool f** it
I graduated, drop some sh** then I grew from it
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Fake a** n***as, I can tell if you stunting
I'm in your city coming for you that's if you run it
You done it, you bluffing
Win or loose, choose something
He talking violent in my life but he won't shoot nothing
My shorty color moca, n***as mediocre
Full of snake and p**y in em, I can smell the odor
I f**ing hate you n***as
What's been going on dawg, who done made you n***as
Pac a hate this sh** so put an end to it
And b**h I ate this sh**, once again stupid
Don't tell me we the same cuz these n***as don't act like me
And we might look alike but these n***as don't rap like me
I keep a swisher, you don't never roll em fat like me
I don't sugar coat, 100, swallow that I'm me
Never put my fear on nothing, that's a fact, I'm G
Kinda sober, time for me to go an pack that keith
Made some good feature money with a bad a** week
And now I'm telling you my life upon this rad a** beat
I do this sh** without trying, matter fact with ease
You gon come and try me on this track, n***a please
I pray that god keep me safe I got enemies
It's money or it's nothing, I ain't wasting energy, n***a

I'm out of breathe like a mother f**er
You n***as better wake up
2017 coming up
And I'm taking this sh** over

These n***as want to stop my shine, yeah
They want to stop my shine
These n***as want to stop my shine
You can't stop a n***a on his grind

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