Fire In The Booth

Fire In The Booth lyrics


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I wasn't here to make friends Thats why i dont have many of em Or why i never trust a bredda who got plenty of em I step steady , ever ready, never begging off em Stop for a whiskey on the rocks and the cherry blossom They forgotten i've been rotten from the start Seen alot of sh** that had me stopping in a heart So i block until i bark Like the dance to the cuppa in the park With the robber who be dodging for a laugh I've been wandering the dark Scared like the bollocks in Iraq Looking for profit and promising our half So i chop it up in half Half what i'm chopping up in half Till I've forgotten what I've promised from the start It's a laugh, Gone too fast Got me sitting on my a**,trying to make this last I wasn't thinking bout my past when i spray these bars I'll be thinking bout my marge when i raise this gla** Cause trust I'm trying to figure out Ay , what all this sh** about The same words in and out just a different mouth Bounce , never catch me down for the sh** in south Act like a dog i'mma dig it out Wish i bought a bigger house Ben, Will then again Everybody wanna talk about the money that i spend Next to nothing should be talking bout the money that i lend To my friends and my cousins who've been buzzing round the bend Say there's nothing to pretend Enemies been coming like there friends Same one's who say there's nothing to defend So we blend Spray a little something that a pen And i'm saying i don't want it in the end Tell em this isn't the ends Ay It's where i rest my head Days get weary and the stress gets dead So i , Pour a bath and i stretch my legs Then a pour another gla** just to get my z's No respect for a brother who ain't left with a brother Stressed trying earn a check for there mother Nothing left to discover City where the best die young and the sons dont Accept for the cover Seen the best of them suffering this city full of heart break Thugs that been in d** till their heart shakes Something you can't escape prison in the past days Chicks treat my dons like , dogs by the park gate It's past eight, half past late I ain't ready for no dark shade to pa** our plate We're getting old And all this f**ing gun talk already getting sold But my tails ain't ready to be told So i scribble on the scrolls of the basement Souls outa placement Bar for the cantana, Poster of Jacent We chased em, Knowing there ain't nothing to replace them We spoke and i froze in amazement I say it like Ay, This is just some sh** that you could listen too If you was sitting wishing you was just a different dude Ay, Pour another whiskey in the living room And reminisce them old times cause trust me i miss them too Cause in them interviews they saying sh** they don't mean And now my little brothers talking bout that codeine It's unsurprising i ain't rising to the smoke screens But i ain't got no time to be glamourizing them coke phenes Like no G's, O D Ducking for cover in the low leaf Roll trees Running from the po-lice Brothers with gold teeth, Gunners on the known sleeze So cheese chooking outta luck until there bones freeze I know these, they know me But we ain't running like we're kodees I never say whats up or nothing no need I got my own steez fam i keep it so clean Man i don't know nothing bout no O'Z's

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