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Lower Class Brats - Background Music lyrics

Kids on the streets doin' what we do best
Runnin' rampant & lookin' sharp, leaving fuck all for the rest
Killin' time with a bottle in each hand
Don't you know it's us, we're gonna run this land

Skins & Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets
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Skins & Punks, knowin' we can't be beat
Skins & Punks, we're always gettin' the blame
Skins & Punk, We're all in the same
We're not playing background music for all your fuckin fights
If we wanna go anywhere we gotta learn to unite
We're all here for the same reason, Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh
We've gotta start movin' forward, not be knocked back in the past

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