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Low Viscosity - I'll Lead You Through The Dark (Prod. By Bulldozer) lyrics

I'm getting these bucks girls like “awh shucks” and they blush
Face flush but it sucks and it's silly cause they like “so what?”
When it comes to the stuff that
Really matters I get passed up and chucked
Slap-shotted like a puck
Into the gutter of the other good guys with the bad luck

(stutter) If there was a class for nice guys to win ha
I guess I missed it
I was probly busy scratchin at the urge to fit in yea
I was itchin
Now I'm sittin meditating and waiting for the day that I've created
In my mind a thousand times and I'll keep trying till it's right
Keep it fixed in my sights
Pull the trigger and deliver when God drops you in my life
Yea he'll place you in my life and I'll dedicate to you everything I've got inside
Get creative and devise my
Master plan to bring you higher and I'll spark your inner fire
And I promise to grow better
Every day
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Learn to love you in a million different ways
Make eyebrows raise as we, trail blaze
Together we'll endure any weather and I'll fill pages with love letters
Just for you
Take time on every word like I'm too dumb to solve two plus two
I'm drunk off you, got me sunk like a trunk in the Blue Lagoon cause
This is paradise
Got me thinkin that's quite the pair of eyes
And you have a dozen lovely sides
To your personality you're like a loaded pair of dice

I'm paralyzed, starstruck lookin up you can see it in my teary eyes I
Can assure you they're tears of joy
You snuck right through the gates of my heart
Call me Troy

Yea, we'll create many memories
I'll savor each and every
And cherish them collectively
Don't know if we've met yet or when all this will start
But when it does, I'll lead you through the dark

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