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Low Viscosity - Bonus: Dare To Dream (Prod. By Cailen Shaw) lyrics

(Steve Carrell from Dinner For Shmucks playing in intro)

Shout out to Steve Carrell, and John Lennon
I dare you to dream
Verse 1:
I've come here to show you we can recreate the norm
In a world where the youth are forced to conform
Imagine that as the teens start rising our light becomes blinding and the leaders start realizing
They've been compromising bad prioritizing
Check your eyes please, you need some Visine
I got a twenty-twenty vision that'll make the blind see
You can find me spittin truth in the booth with my rhyme schemes
Poetic Justice. No Pac or Janet
But I am a Singleton out to change the planet
We all inhabit our own world and lead very different lives
But we hold the common power to make new ones in our minds
So go and find what resides inside we only get one chance to get life here right
I can't rest till I know it was worth the ride
I'm gonna side with Lennon, peace is on the rise

Imagine all the people, living life in peace

Background to Chorus:
I can see it man, we all livin life in peace

Verse 2:
I'm cutting loose from the taboos and social noose
Catch a boost scoot through smooth grooves
Steady hewing every ruse at the root I'm a Looney Toon goon brewing tunes in my room
I will zoom to the moon soon, and bring what was assumed to its doom
Just to prove, my suave moves can't lose
I don't snooze or drink booze I just ooze word juice like a Goof
Call it alphabet soup
I'm gonna make like Tom and Cruise, on my Mission I'm so driven that Impossible went missin
I keep gettin what I'm givin, so I'm givin it my all
Do my best to make a difference livin up to God's call
Back against the wall, my head up in the clouds
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Just wanna bring my sound to a croud let my heart resound
Speakers pound as I spit sick syllables
Quick to slip life lessons in my act, subliminal

Imagine all the people, living life in peace

Background to Chorus:
Everyone man, not just you and me

Verse 3:
We've been robbed of creativity it sickens me
Restricted by the system that candy coats an elusive dream
My movement seeks to reach each young peep and teach that free speech can bring peace and meet needs
We're knee deep in negative mass messages
A sedative intended to arrest all our development
But we are, a force to be reckoned with
Wreckin misconceptions about youngins bein reckless
Sorry Drama I'm just goin down my checklist
Gotta get a few words in before breakfast
Never know when an opponent might start ownin it
So I gather my components keep flowin and I don't groan a bit
I could throw a fit, but how would that help?
Focalize irrelevance and you settle for a living hell
I don't tell tall tales or seek to mislead
Just wanna breathe peace into this world, come follow me

Low Viscosity

This is the Flow Life movement


And we just Carried By The Current


Dare To Dream

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