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Low Viscosity - Over Time lyrics

I've been workin' over time
Man I'm over time
These hours think that I am theirs
No, they're mine
I tower over them
So they climb
You tryna' catch up with me?
Oh you're so behind

[Verse 1]
I'm a Time Lord
Call me Doc Brown
Call me Doctor Who?
Call me Doctor Now
Call me Scrooge, Ebenezer
Wolverine or
Maybe Marty McAdams
The handler of Saturn
It's About Time
I Click
Back to The Future at last
I've seen the Days of Future Past
Keep the pace or I'll lose ya fast
I've seen the race
I don't lose, I pa**
Every single one of you cowardly hours
I've been workin' over time
And I ain't talkin' bout over forty hours at a nine-to-five
I'm talkin' bout a glowing sort of power
Growing brighter with each stride I strive
To be the boss of mine
I got ‘em
Time to show these little minutes who I am
They so itty bitty
I show no mercy no pity
I know gimme's never get
But it's different, I am a shooter man
Pop pop if you come against me
And I know my voice is mini
But my impact is jura**ic
Turning listeners into addicts
Turning fans into fanatics
My sound is profoundly different
It's not that audio plastic
I've been ahead of my time
I said adios to the static
[Hook (x2)]

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[Verse 2]
These evil days
Puttin' me through the wringer
But believe me
I will stay true under trial
Hand on the Bible
Ain't liftin' a finger
Between every snare
I am gluin' my rival
Keepin' My Time
I talk over these demons
Teach ‘em the Tick of the Clock's
Not a thing I believe in
The master of seasons and seconds
I beckon and leave ‘em
To season all my investments
Cause man comes before age in management
Aquarian age
I'm the man of it
Heir to my father who handles it
I won't fail or falter to land a hit
Right in the jaw
If you hours don't bow at my alter with candles lit
I've been workin' over y'all
I ain't lettin' up
You ain't catchin' up one bit
Like a
Like a dam
You can't keep this water back
My flow is over you
I break through all the cracks
I've got the overview
Man I've got all the facts
I show ‘em science and where all the art is at
That's where my heart is at
Where my home is
I live with time travelers
Mayans and Romans
If time is a fabric
I'm an unraveler, a focused gatherer
Of timeless omens

I've been workin', I've been workin'
I've been workin', man I've been workin'
Over time (I've been workin')
Over time (I've been workin')
Over time (I've been workin')
Lord knows

[Hook (x2)]

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