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Low Viscosity - Abracadabra lyrics

It's Low Viscosity, recording under the order of Melchizedek
Triple seven guarantee, no need to fix the deck
Yo, this for Benny boy, my cuzzo, listen

[Hook 1]
Abracadabra, I create what I speak
We have the map and we will have what we seek
This is what happens when a priest grabs a beat
No way – Yahweh, that's how I'm doin' this
I ain't doin' it y'all' way, hardly
We think we know God and Satan?
Ancient ways, I'm takin' what's latent and makin' it blatant
I've been the dormant informant, it's time I spoke up
Abracadabra, yea I think my soul woke up

[Verse 1]
Yo, this is Defense Against The Dark Arts
I'm serious, they can't sever us
We must learn from Sirius
The star doesn't fall far from its pa, we are stardust
At least it seems I am in the Milky Way
They check my tone, voice not skin
I feel the wave, high vibrational frequencies
Check my phone and it's the voice of Him
The Elohim of Israel
Is Ra El? Well, I'll say this
Language is contagious and a dangerous thing to bicker over
We're bigger than that
This is personal, so it's universal
The Bible got inside me and went viral
My eyes are fully open to the lies told, light bulb moment
I'm a light bold enough to own it
We must become like children and quit lyin' with the bull
Control your spiral or you'll spiral out of control
This ain't a fib, this is Fibonacci
Love each other as yourself, activate the sequence
This is the Law and the prophets y'all
Forget a song for profit, y'all are sovereign
Incline your ear to the wisdom of Solomon
The biggest baller man since the fall of man
It's goin' down again, we on the rise
You're a pillar, you're a vessel, you're a temple
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Of the Lamb with seven stars in his hand and fire for eyes

[Hook 1]

[Verse 2]
My twin baby blues take cues from j**els within them
That gleam you see is a preview of the streams and springs I'll bring men
Flowin' through infinity and then some
This the year the NEW eARTh will come
Holy science, holy magic everywhere
Crackpots with pots on their backs, holy water do they bear
Do I dare fetch a second tetrahedron and risk being seen as a heathen?
Even then it's mere men that fear my air

[Hook 1]

[Verse 3]
I think, I think my soul woke up
As above, so below, as within, so without
Flow Life, Stay Fluid, we don't know drought
As it goes, we swim in inner oceans here
We're writing higher glyphs
That common knowledge is a mile wide and an inch deep
You get no echo when you speak, so come seek and know us
Abracadabra, we are one, that's my focus
Notice I don't cuss, no it's not cause I'm under the law of Leviticus
It is cause, if I spit a cuss, it is puss, blood, and spit
All it does is itch, scab up and agitate
That which I speak, I create
I weave the fabric of fate
If I need a savior I'll say it – I need a savior
Immanuel, thank the Lord He is patient like Morpheus
He waits with faith and sort of is the Manual That's Greatest

[Hook 2]
Abracadabra, you create what you speak
You have the map and you will have what you seek
This is what happens when a priest grabs a beat
No way – Yahweh, that's how we doin' this
We ain't doin' it y'all way, hardly
You think you know God and Satan?
Ancient ways, we takin' what's latent and makin' it blatant
We've been the dormant informants, it's time we spoke up
Abracadabra, yea I think our soul woke up

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