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Low Roar - Gosia lyrics

[Verse 1]

I laid by the phone
There's no answer at all
No reactions or bullshit replies
The words you'd said
And the colors you'd sent
Well, they got lost
Somewhere on the ride
I can breathe
But I forget sometimes
I'm alive but I'm paralyzed


Oh, now what am I to do?
What am I gonna do?

[Verse 2]

No, my faith is dead
While my body lays drenched
In the ashes of a forgotten time
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And it's hard when you come
To realize someone's
Path is headed elsewhere in life
So baby walk your way
I'll walk mine
But I'll stop to think of you
From time to time


Oh, now what am I to do?
What am I gonna do?


So baby walk your way
And I'll walk mine
I know now my promises slept
With your lies
And I don't need you
I don't need you
Oh I need you

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