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Low Profile - That's Y They Do It lyrics

I'ma take this opportunity to explain
Why would a kid in '89 wanna sling c**aine
Kilos of cracks in stacks, and spend 20s and 10s
And at the age of 11 own a brand-new Benz
But I don't blame it on the kids, man, the system is wack
There's more money on the streets, gee, than flippin over' Big Macs
But if you're still confused, just groove to the music
Cause I'ma show you why they do it

*That's why* *they* *do it*

Call up the press, the newscast, cause I'm about to serve
A dope message segment, yeah, that need to be heard
Why would a young'un comin up wanna sling in the streets
Instead of plannin' for an educated college degree?
Here's an answer: who's a role model in the ghetto
While these young 'uns live in the slums like bums?
They ain't got a role model, so they look up to the brothers on Daytons
While daddy drive a station wagon
Slackin, lackin, held in the back, and
Mama's broke as hell, so they start sellin crack and
Clockin more g's than the Jackson 5
See, to them, slingin d** is a way to survive
Go get a job, minimum wage, no, don't even bother
Slavin like a s**er for 3.85 an hour?
Nope, I ain't with it, y'all can take that back, jack
And stuff it down your mouth like a garbage can compact
'Just say no' - man, these children are laughin slingin dope
Yo, the slogan's a joke
People keep speakin 'pon d**, but they never coincide
When they never slung dope in their life
How can they speak upon a subject at which they lack knowledge?
You say you're tryin to stop d**? It's all a bunch of garbage
But if you're still confused, yo, just groove to the music
Cause I'ma show you why they do it

*That's why* *they* *do it*
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Now if you're still havin trouble tryin to find a reason kids sling dope
And sport a fat gold rope
Let's take a look at this materialistic system, bro
Specifically designed to keep minorites broke
You know the news got me laughin, every day they comin up with somethin new
Curfews and task force crews
But who's to blame, because they never ever seem to work
It just seem that more people get jerked and hurt
How can they account for the problem which they started?
Hey yo, you must be retarded
But if you're still confused, just groove to the music
And Doub'll show you why they do it

*That's why* *they* *do it*

No more lollygaggin wastin' time, let's get to the facts
You ask what could spark a kid into slingin that crack?
Then think about it, to a kid comin up in this surrounding
The cash and caine, he's more than forced to sling
His homies used to do it, and his brothers do it too
So he gotta do it, or else he ain't cool
s**ers try to knock him, but they never suceed
So much money his pockets, parents down to his knees
Almost blamin on the parents, the first thing we do
In '89, y'all, a kid's gonna do what he wanna do
But what do you expect when a brother lack role models?
All he know is women, cash and Eight bottles
Most people make it to the top, man they never come back
Speak to the kids, say, "Yo, this is wack"
Too busy havin' fun in the next man's game
They think they made it, but they got a shackle still on they brain
People try to play me like a booty-neck s**er
The system sling, but see, they do it undercover
You want the truth well, here, I just threw it
Peace - that's why they do it

*That's why* *they* *do it*

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