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Love's Labour's Lost the Musical - It's Not a Good Idea lyrics

It's not a good idea
To listen to these boys
They swear they are in love
Then treat our hearts like little toys
They send us empty words in rhyme,
Why does it get you every time?

They made a solemn oath
That didn't last a single day
So it's not a good idea
To put much faith in things they say
Cause any love that comes this fast
Is a folly that won't last

But if they really are in love-
But what is love? What does it mean?
He thinks he loves a plastic princess, not a partner, not a queen
He doesn't notice who he's chasing, he just likes to make the chase
He makes these grand elaborate gestures but won't look me in the face
He talks and talks so he can cover up his insecurities
He is exactly like my dad-
Oh no
He's exactly like me

It's not a good idea to think its real
The words they use to describe
The way they think they feel
They're just in in love with saying they're in love
It's not a good idea


On wenches arm, love doth approach!

But what, come they in the middle of my song?

They do, they do, and our apparel thus. Like turtleneck-wearing East German performance artists.

And will they so...


Well if that's their big idea,
We can beat them at their game
They're coming in disguise,
Well ladies we can do the same
And our lovers will be tasked
For when they come we will be masked


Hold, take thou this, my sweet, and give me thine... So shall Verone take me for Rosaline. And change your favours, too, so shall your loves woo contrary, deceived by these removed.
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But in this changing, what is your intent?

My intent is to cross theirs.


And if they ask us to dance
We will not move a foot
And if they say pretty speeches
We will just stay put
And if they say they're in love
They say an awful lot
But words are easy
Commitment is not

He has to learn to stop his heart from beating
He has to learn to stop his blood from heating
He has to learn to stop his head from cheating

Cause it's not a good idea to trust these boys
When they treat our hearts like little toys
They're just in love with saying they're in love

But if I believe our motto with all of his plause
They're dressing up like Germans,
They just want our applause
But maybe I'm running from my best chance
They only want
A quick romance

We'll show these men that if they want us
They can't act like little boys
If he would stop with all the dancing
And quit making so much noise
If he would dress like he was normal
And admit that I was right
If he would listen for a minute!
Maybe this could end tonight

Cause it's not a good idea
To trust these boys
When they treat our hearts
Like little toys

Cause if they think
That love's a game, then
Mop for mop,
We'll do the same, just
Keep your cool,
And learn to play your part

We are wise girls to mock our lovers so
It's a very good idea!

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