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Lovemeboo143 - Feelings lyrics

[Verse 1]
Writing late my song, by myself can't go wrong
Thinking of the things I been thru, Just what I had to do
No writers block, so no need to stop
Putting my feelings down on paper, tears disappear like vapor

[Verse 2]
It's me I'm back again, Thinking way back when
Before I had this flow, and write like this though
I could barely write a rhyme, now I drop them on the dime
Practice makes perfect I guess, would not take anything less

Writing late at night some music
Bored late at night don't confuse it

[Verse 3]
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Oh no it's verse three, look at the clock its about the same G
Take my pen and write another line, mix this mix that, and rhyme
See when its my song, I know I can't go wrong!
I write what I want to, just things I been thru

[Verse 4]
Some walk the walk, Some talk the talk
What I do is rhyme, make this song mine
Believe me it can be done, kick back have some fun
No need for hiding, grab a pen, start writing!


I hope you know then, that I'm gonna keep on flowing

Writing late at night some music, Bored late at night don't confuse it

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