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Lovele$$ - I Know lyrics

I Know
By: Loveless

[Verse One]
I give and I give and I give and they take
If I say that I spend it they tell me I'm fake
Like, there just ain't no way that you betty the cake
But, I butter the bread and give jelly for free
But, whats in it for me, whats in it for me
I want money for music, you want it for free
Want p**y for dick thats an even exchange
Swallow it all can't get cum on these seats
We're downtown and we're going in, Patrone is flowing in
Bad women all flowing in, they're here for us but don't know it yet
We're the best and they know it thats why all their shows full
And they wonder why we shout out loud f** all these locals
I did it, I said it, pay me in cash 'cause y'all ain't got no credit
Pay me no mind 'cause y'all just can't afford it
36 week flow y'all can not abort it, ugh
I Ron Jeremy these weak f**s (hold up run that beat back)
I Pete North these weak f**s thats a big load on these hoe's backs
I know, I'm moving kind of slow, yeah
I know, I shouldn't drink no more but
I ain't f**ing driving, if she ugly then I'm silent
'Cause I only f** with bad, b**hes

I'm rolling and I'm drunk, Middle finger up
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I used to kind of care, now I just don't give a f**
Styrofoam double cup, filled up with moscato in my right hand
In the left I've got the bottle
Said you're faded like me, that ain't even kind of true
Wanna' be like Love said every one of you, yeah I know
I'm moving kind of slow, yeah I know
My eye's are looking low, 'cause I'm

[Verse Two]
Faded, I'm faded, I'm faded as f**
But y'all know that 'cause I said that
Ain't nothing new in my world but Christy and her fat a**
I got orange juice in my clear gla**, 'bout to splash with Ciroc
All of y'all are the same, like CC or zerox, but thats old news
Like, ain't nobody got time for that
Ain't nobody got a penny or a dime the wrote about in their old raps
I used to dream of balling, now I dream of just getting by
I used to get drunk, now I'm thinkin' 'bout getting high, I know
I shouldn't ever do it, only meat I eat is p**y boy
I told you that I do it, I know
I shouldn't spit so fluent, hablo espanol, me no hablo ingles puto
b**h, no ghost writter on this sh**
Like February 15th, I'm so Loveless in this b**h
Yes this life is A b**h, I'm just trying to stay young no face lift
When I spit bars, its magic, to watch their legs lift


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