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Lovele$$ - Deceiver lyrics

Tuck me into sleep - wrap me with your lies
Ease my fallen heart - deceive me once again
Bring back that solace that I crave

Cut my bleeding heart - rip me all apart
I will be your slave - now and forever
Thrust that dagger to the bone

Talk me into sleep - wrap me in your fears
Crush my fallen heart - deceive me once again
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Bring back the dark that scorched these eyes

Let me see the nightfall one more time - for all its worth
Let me see the stars one more time - an endless search I know
Let me see that gleam in your eyes - the one that burns so cold
Can't you feel my loss of control - again

Let me touch that unforgettable love - to breathe anew
Show me all your deceiving love - this ember in your soul
Let me see what hides behind those eyes - for one last moment
Tuck me in your sheltering arms - again

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