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Louden Swain - Reunion lyrics

There is just one bottle left to open
The others never made it through the week
The lip is cold the body nearly frozen
So take a drink
Adhere yourself be patient and cross legged
Let me breath you in, resuscitate
Let me take your hands and say remember

You look the same, I know you're getting older
But god has been kind to your pretty face
Sometimes I like to think I never met you
Then it stings much less when you're away
You squeeze my hand and tell me to be stronger
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Can't help but be embarrassed when you say
You always have to tell me to be someone, be someone, be someone

Baby there's no denyin'
I'm still alive and I'm still trying
Hold you close late at night
When we reunite

Just you stop your crying
Look at me I'm holding tight
Hold you close late at night
When we Reunite

Deep when we're alone
Deeper in my life

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