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Louden Swain - Lucky lyrics

I locked the keys inside again, oh well
I might be back on top again, I can't tell
I thought I'd sent bad karma back to hell
For now I wait on AAA, oh well

But that's the trick
That did you in
You let it spin and you got
Locked up, just trying to do your job and
Get right
Lock eyes, grab my hand and hold
It tight
Different face same place, day
Or night
You come and rescue me from
This fight

But that's the clown
That got you round
You doubled down
And you got lucky

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It's strange what's shaking lots of us
The time is flying by without
A sound
We plead to let us play the game
Year round
But the rules are changing constantly
Fall out

Late at night I swallow love
hold tight
I wonder if there's a better way to
Get it right
Does happiness lie in my fist
If I fight
Or am I standing staring at a
Green light

But that's the tear
That got you here
You played with fear
And you got lucky

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