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Louden Swain - Honey Bee lyrics

You woke up
Even with the nightlight on
You're seeing shadows in the break of dawn
You called out
Deep inside a dream of my own
It was a nightmare I was all alone

There was not a little ballerina
Dancing for no one
besides herself

You buzz around me like a honey bee
The world brand new awaits you, wait for me…

Fill the cup
Water always does the trick
Seal the lid and let you cry with it
You grown up
I wrestle with it every day
But you will always be my girl this way

I know there was a time before you
But for the life of me I can't recall

You bound around me, always fancy free
The world brand new
Awaits you, wait for me…

Ask me why
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There's pain and there's lies
Don't always have the answer but I'm happy to try

Ask me how
There's you and there's now
I'll share it with you soon as I can figure it out

Hang on my love
Times running out
Cherish the day
that's what life is about

So ask me what
Song I should sing
I'll hum it just to hear you ask anything
There you are
Smiling in the same old way
'Cause maybe it's your wedding day
I see it
Clear as I can see your face
There's someone who steals your heart away

But you will always be my ballerina
Dancing like we only have ourselves

And you fly around me
Swaying next to me
The world brand new awaits you
Wait for me, wait for me.

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