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Louden Swain - Angela lyrics

The night it brings a multitude of creeps and beggars and
They walk in a circle trapped in this foreign land
Waiting on something, something real
I fly above it all, and I feel the moonlight breeze
Not even thinking why I'm flying with such ease
Angela you knew I'd come down
Grass in my teeth
Shame on me
This mortality
It seethes
Reminds me I'm not free

I dreamt I was a diver with a life supply air
I cut my teeth on coral with a deep breath and a prayer
I logged a hundred hours in that reef
Waves would crash above me but that didn't bother me
But Angela I saw you and I knew I couldn't breathe
I feel like a shell to the bottom of the sea
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And woke up from my dream
Shame on me
This mortality
It seethes
Reminds you it's not free
If I bleed
Will you carry me
If I need
Will you ferry me

When you said anytime did you mean anytime?
'Cause this here's my only my only dime.
I could try you later I could, oh I could try
But Angela, you set me, only you set me right

I dreamt I was a hero and all my parts were sound
No one gonna bother me, deep inside this cloud
Then I woke up from this dream
Shame on me…

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