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Louden Swain - Medicated lyrics

Pavement can caress
The treads of my distress
Grip onto cow that
Is my seat and speed the plow

Your words were gentle oh
Reflected in my window I knew
Would be the kind of girl
That I could talk to

And you seem like your kinda strange
Why can't you be a little less insane
I may be crazy at least I'm medicated

Later on that day
When sun began to fade
The Nebraska sky showed
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Why it was Nebraska

You said I was intense
I quietly took offense
You laughed but I didn't think it was funny

I was saving your place
Fear that you'd be replaced
How can I stop myself from
Making the same mistake

Only one thing
As awkward as goodbye
Having to stand up in your seat to let her by….

Never meet again
Never speak again
Maybe in another life, maybe, we could have been--

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