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Louden Swain - Alright lyrics

The car is too tired
And I'm wide awake
My heartbeat's on fire
At an alarming rate
You won't believe me
When I tell you I'm fine
Desertion may be
My only crime

I waited in line
I paid the price
I took your advice
And now I'm alright

The car is too quiet
And I'm heading home
My friend says it's better
To not be alone
But I think my problem
Is the opposite of that
Then why am I racing
To get myself back?

I got off the track
Knife in my back
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You saved my ass
And now I'm alright
Now I'm alright
Now I'm alright
I'm alright

The highway men at night, they see
A different kind of light than me
They never taught me
What pride is for
Just open the door, the door

It's a scary procedure
That I've got to make
My hands are still shaking
The decision's made
When you're not with me
I wish that you were
Just know that in my head
I'm still unsure
But I'm taking a turn
And I'm - I'm willing to learn
I'm willing to learn
I'm alright
I am alright
I'm alright

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