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Louden Swain - Yeah, Well lyrics

Drivin' down the lane
The fire is out
Tom get down from there
You are not well
I told you

But the mountain is high
And the valley is low
Yeah well I know
And I never knew why
She did not cry
But now I know

That slate tiled roof
That Dad and I built
Damn stubborn old man
I need no proof it's slippery

But the river is wide
And the current is slow
Yeah well I know
And I know in my mind
That she is near by
So now I know
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And then I saw her standing there
Two bitter people who didn't care for
All of the things that came before
The when, the who, the what or where
And so we screamed, and then we

The ladder is broke
The boots are worn thin
I wish he'd just jump
It sounds so bad, but I do.

But the pull of the tide
And the white of the snow
Yeah well I know
And the fierce of my pride
That drove her to die
But now I know
By the taste of the wine
And the blood that still flows
You see I know
I can feel it inside
That I should just go
Yeah well I know
You see that I know

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