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Louden Swain - Undergrad lyrics

You know she majored in photography
With a minor in geology
I always thought it was geography
I asked her where I'd find Romania

And she'd lie
She'd take me for a ride
In her mind
I'd follow, hollow and blind
But I'd try
I'd try, red faced and mad
I was an undergrad

You know I carried her backpack one time
Told her it was nothing, I was fine
The only pain I felt was in my mind
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And that bitch didn't even save me a seat!

I went back home with her to meet her Mom
Drank whiskey on the train and got real bombed
She left me alone on the family cot
But that's okay 'cause I hooked up with her sister

Love is not a simple fad
When you're an undergrad
Love is not a simple fad
When you're an undergrad
Yeah, oh yeah.

I was surprised when she broke up with me
Apparently, I was just way too sweet
Besides her heart belonged to somebody
And then I found her with my roommate, Larry!

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