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Louden Swain - Ready Steady lyrics

If I gave you a kiss
Would you give me your funny face
Is there something I missed
Leaving your mouth agape?
Should I try to enlist?
Is there room on your cavalcade?
Would your boyfriend be pissed
If he knew I was pulling rank

Are you ready steady on?
It's hard to tell
Hard to tell
Who's leading who on?
It's hard to tell
I'll never tell
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What's your address?
You left it so long ago
Along with your mess
Washed out with the undertow
Living in sheets
Loving like thunderstorms
Forgiving the thieves
For not really taking more

Who do we blame for the things that we both took for granted
It's hard to tell
I'll never tell
The light and the fights in the streets have all risen and landed
And it's hard to tell
Hard to tell

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