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Louden Swain - In Like Finn lyrics

Waiting for the coffee to kick in
Contemplating the state I'm in
Brain fried, sleep deprived
Missing my past
Like a boy who's lost his way
Who's lost his way
Without it all

Like Finn
He's the man with the golden clothes
Like Finn
He's the king, yeah, everyone knows
Like Finn
I wanna be like you Finn
Like Finn
I've got the goods, man, I got my sin
I wanna be, in like Finn
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Now who's this woman
And how's she related to the lead
Main plot craftly manicured for me
They take us for fools
Don't they write it all out
So we don't have to
Think at all for ourselves
Think for ourselves about it all

Get yourself together
We're going for a ride
Gonna find this guy Finn
Before the pain subsides
I don't wanna live in a town
Where the people you never knew
Still come around
They're back to see you again

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