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Louden Swain - Crooked Wheel lyrics

I got a tattoo of a melody
I got the lyrics done in custody
I did some wrong
But now that's gone
Inside my mental penitentiary

I'm just looking for a deal
And a way to make you mine
Think you better take the wheel, when you drive me

I'm no marksman but I shoot a lot
There's not a battle that I haven't fought
I don't know what you took me for
But I'm never going back
Don't let your preconception throw you off

I'm looking for a plan
And a place to park my van

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Turn up the radio radio
Looking for a feel
Put the pedal to the metal
Take my crooked wheel

I lived a lifetime in a cheap motel
Underneath a portrait of a hookah shell
I carved my name
On the window pane
And sent my conscience right on back to hell

I am looking for a plan
And a way to call you mine

I leave the light on and I nurse a beer
Watch the lightning and I persevere (insincere, disappear)
There's a nagging pain
And it feels like rain
Just keep pretending that you want me here

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