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Louden Swain - Carpool Lane lyrics

It's a vast change, in the carpool lane, uh-huh
A subtle lane shift, and I'm caught amidst, high speeds
The soccer moms and me
Stuck in overdrive
It's a long ride
But I'm right by your side

No one told me, that there'd be a test, uh-huh
I never studied, but I did my best, I think
The answers were in ink
The message was inscribed
"it's a long ride,
But I'm right by your side"
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I'm right by your side

Oh this mediocrity
Sign says got no vacancy
I know that's just complacency
Call-ing me,.

It's a fine line, marking the divide, uh-huh
I could exit, ride into the empty space
But then I see your face
And now I can't describe
It's been a long time
And I'm right by your side.

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