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Lou Adler - Don't Bug Me lyrics

Hey man get the phone
Answer the phone
Hey man get the phone it might be the dude
Hey answer the-

Hey man listen very carefully man
Don't answer the phone man
You got that
Don't answer the phone
Even if its me calling man
Don't answer because I think the phone is bugged man
Hey man what the hell are you doing
Did you hear what I said?
(Is that you man?)
No, no it's Freddie man
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(Hey are you at the door?)
Hey man don't say nothing about that on the-
(Wow man you better hurry up and get over here man)
(Everybody thinks you ripped them off)
Hey man will you cool it man
Hey listen to what I'm-
(What did you forget the address again?)
No I-
(Hey now listen write it down ok?)
(1482 Adams, you got it?)
*Swearing in Spanish*
(John's van is parked right in front you can't miss it man)
The cops are listening on our phone man
Don't say nothing to-
(Hey did you get the pills too man?)
(Hey man I gotta hang up there's someone pounding at the door)
Oh I gotta split too man

This is the police open up
Come out with your hands up

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