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Loserville - Not For Me lyrics

I'm a dweebish clown
And you don't know how, how bad it feels
Where's my s** appeal?
Man, the things I get hung about
Alone in my world forever

[Verse 1]
Why am I angry about this?
About the pettiest of things
It's difficult to be alone
Where the hell's my life?
I guess it all depends on me


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[Verse 2]
No one knows what happens with me
A coward rests inside my soul
I want to be the one that laughs
But I'm no fun
That's what you get, you candy a**


[Verse 3]
Stricken gutless in adversity
Nitpicking's as bad as it seems
But God, you could've helped me out
Built fit, athletically
I don't think life was meant for me


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