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Lor Scoota - No Turning Back lyrics

Trying to get out the city, I ain't trynna out the city
They don't get it though
They don't really feel me though
Cause I don't put no guns in my video
Waiting on me to go, well here it go
In the coup getting high, sitting low
Wake up eat the p**y like cereal
Roll one grab the 40 then im out the door
Can't loose, told my mother that im bought to blow

And I ain't looking back once a n***a go
And I ain't getting food stamps no more
And I ain't getting laughed at no more
This b**hes don't say no no more
And if she do, I don't give two f**s
f** her I just go and get four more
Santa clause I be leaving with your hoe hoe
Got DC b**h like go go
Keep the glizzy with me like im from the yo yo
Im from west balitmore if you don't know
Avenue 15 double O
n***as in the fed made a hundred out the blow
If you think im lying ask about my n***a roe
My hood really did numbers with the dope hole
Young n***as on the block getting dope sold
We the ones with the guns in the dope holes
Trying to get out the city I ain't trynna out the city
What the f** you gone never make it out the city
You gone be stuck here with the broke n***as
Keep spending all your money on broke b**hes
Running with the campaign you don't know n***as
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How you go against the grain with your own n***as
n***as trynna steal fame from the own n***as
Thought I knew n***as guess I don't know n***as


[Verse 2]
Ain't no turning back what I told her
All those a** whoopings made me a soldier
I ain't looking for no hand outs n***a
Don't spoon feed me im a grown up
I got my own weed if I need to roll up
Im in the lead, yall n***as can't keep up
These thraded a** n***as, they made up
n***as use Instagram like make up
He really broke everyday that he wake up
Before you come at my head get a shape up
Get a cup of coffee you need to wake up
Screaming kamikaze but got one gun
(what) You can't go to war
(what) You ain't even got your funds right
You depending on whores
You living that bum life
Imma get it in till the day that I go
n***as don't act like n***as no more
Hate when n***as act like they ain't from the trenches no more
Start acting like b**hes, let that money take control
Imma be the same till they catch me lacking
This for every lame trynna catch me lacking
Ain't a day go by that I ain't packing
So run up on me, ain't no telling what could happen

[Hook & Outro]

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