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LongShot the Rapper - Madly in Love... With Nobody (Yaphet Kotto Remix) lyrics

I know it's your first
I will try to be gentle
My love....

[Verse 1]
I loved the Idea of being in love because I'm a hopeless romantic
Tried to make every detail work out I became pedantic
I guess it was my fault for ever tiring to plan it
But that was no excuses for every time I was left in panic
Flirting with some girls of Facebook hoping to make this sh** work
‘Cause every night I was left alone was driving me berserk
Always was a gentleman, see Platinum Disc is anti-jerk
Showing you some of my songs, knowing that we were no thirsty merc
You see I was blinded by lust
But somehow confused that with trust
I need some space to clear my head man, dam it I must
After the public humiliation
I was thrown out of infatuation
I was left in devastation
When realised my irritation
Cause' at that point I didn't care that my teacher wanted to fail me
Cause' all this sh** started with a b**h named Haylee
Nah man she pushed my buttons and just played me
Made me feel so sick of checking my Facebook on the daily
Telling the world that she wanted to go out on a date
But said it was joke and my esteem started to deflate
You didn't get that I was hurting till you got told off by my mate
Toyed with my emotions and so I developed a strong hate
So every time I see her face, I just want to stay away
The one person's name that I feel comfortable to say
So f** you Haylee f**ed me up in a different way
But I guess I didn't think that anyone else could make me feel so gray
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But I was wrong, story for another day
I felt betrayed by the same friend that helped me make her pay
Made out with the chick I really liked and I found out the hard way
I'll be honest I felt like I was stabbed in the heart like I was Lazy J
I had no right in how I overreacted
I just knew that to her I was greatly attracted
It made things hard between us our friendship was impacted
But you were my mate and she had us both distracted
But are we mates? Are we really though?
It took us months to get back into a similar flow
And if sh** ever got bad was I ready to go?
I f**ed up, I just thought I'd let you know
The things I would do to get girls to like me is so disgusting
Pretending to be someone else, my personality always adjusting
Like singing One Direction to make myself more interesting
I can't stop f**ing up cause' I can't stop lusting
Did I do something wrong? Or is it because I'm a nice guy
I'm avoided in a romantic way and I have no Idea why
So much time and effort, makes me wonder if I should even try
It took me so much time and effort to stop being shy
No, I think I might give up on women and just quit
Meaning it would be for me when I try to get fit
Meaning I don't need to impress any girls with my own wit
Meaning no more time am I ever gonna give a sh**
But should I though? I don't want to die alone
But I don't want to be by myself when I face the unknown
This is crazy, here's my number so pick up the phone
Who am I kidding I'm unlovable and my heart is turning to stone
Man what the f** happened? I was just fine
I was happy to write a rhythm of a different kind
But I need to talk about this I can't just leave it on my mind
It was f**ing with me for a really long time


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