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LongShot the Rapper - Because The Internet: Screenplay Alternate Ending lyrics

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The Boy with slight hesitation uses this opportunity to run for the back door. He heads towards the pool as he hears gun shots. He Jumps in. The water fills his lungs as he floats there. Not quite dead, but floating seemingly lifeless. Rather than his life flashing before his eyes, he sees two words. Roscoe's wetsuit. He begins to wonder “what's the point? I don't know. Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why do you care?”

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What the f**. Somebody call 911. Hurry the f** up

The boy just floats there lifeless as if he was the guy that he saw get shot and k**ed. His last thoughts run through his mid before he dies. He won't really matter, no one will know him in 3005, he is only here because the internet

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