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LongShot the Rapper - All Good and All Shit (Silk Pillow Freestyle) lyrics

Look, I'm not one for a freestyle, but this is long overdue so…
I'll go in, yeah, yo

[Verse 1]
Yo, it's poetry in motion
It's the gift of the rhythm
People thought I had no talent, I said give me some time
Give me a pen and pad for me to write out a rhythm
Then my flow will be amazing, or it will be just fine
I mean I stared at the bottom like I'm drake
But I'm still at the bottom like I'm the epicentre of an earthquake
I'm just trying to show the world that I'm not fake
Like when I did the freestyle over pound cake
Actually that shit ani't me
I'm taking credit from Bam-B
Tryin' to copying him in how I'm making all my music free
But I'm just trying to give myself to the world
Like I did when I was trying to impress a girl
But hey what you gonna do
I'm doing me, and you should be doing you
I'm doing me like I'm jerking
This shit really ain't working
Like I'm Miley Cyrus twerking
Or I'm the Pedo Bear Lurking

[Interlude 1]
What? That shit don't make sense
No it don't
Like, I be going in
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Everything's changed; we were all good just a week ago
Afraid of getting high off love, call it shit vertigo
Like I was right by your side, till the day that I died
I thought we were forever together or at least till 3005
But I was wrong, I admit it
It was you, so I was with it
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My feelings, I should hid it
I kinda wish that kinda did it
I was childish in how I took a chance
And people are hatting because I took a stance
It was always a longshot, I thought you knew
I was never supposed to make it, this much is true
But I'll never give up cause I'll chose to strive
Makes me feel alive, and I'll be doing this shit til' 3005
Or at least till I die, and do you know why? I'll tell you why
I used to care what people thought, but now I care less
I was careless, sick of being depressed
Who guessed, that this kid would be a rapper?
X-factor is what will help him with his next chapter
But I thought he was an actor, nah man he's just a joke
“I'll be honest, you suck man, but you're a top bloke”
And I know that no matter where my friends are
They will be at my side, they won't go far
Before I wreck this, that is my favourite song
Almost gave thinking that my shoot was too long
But now that thought is gone, just trying to make it pro
And I know my flow is a little bit too slow, I thought I'd let you know

[Verse 3]
I wrote a poem, I was being honest
People scared for me, but I can't keep it silent
I took a hit, like I was keeping violent
It was always a longshot, but I think I could be iconic
And people still have shit to say
Like am I still on the show, am I dating Stephaniè

But I relapsed on that shit man
That shit ended so shit man
It's like I wish I didn't have emotions
Then I'd just be a robot
(haha) this ain't a laughing matter
They were the things that mattered
I wish I could believe in love, but that don't even matter
Cause we all just die alone, or we don't die at all
I thought I'd live till 3005 but I don't even know

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