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LongLiveChxno - Mood lyrics

[Intro: D-Cyphr]
Yeah, if there's one thing you should know
It's that you shouldn't mess with us
(Blaoh! Blaoh! Blaoh! Blaoh! Blaoh!)
And you shouldn't really be messing with people
If you don't know what they been through either

[Verse: Azure The Paradox]
Motherfuckers always get on my nerves
Walk front of my whip nigga I won't swerve
Six feet deep too good for the dirt
Dumb motherfuckers won't ever learn
It seems all of you want to die
Safe to wait your turn (Agh!)
Im in a bad mood
Im in a bad mood
Treating me like a tool
Rachet ass niggas think they so cool
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Life is a game you wore born to lose
Never had ties like I dont wear shoes
When I cut ties better hold your wrist
Might slip up and fucking miss (shit!)
Who you think you is!?
Paradox I give no shits
Contradict when I flip lids
Busting caps like unwanted kids
Nothing but a failed abortion
Living mistake you distort shit
Flexing flows like joints (agh!)
Bend this beat like contortions (Blaoh)
Im just a demon
Evil semen in your spouse
Dodging, beating, till she's sleeping
Leaning wishing for that freedom
Screaming she not leaving
Shit of legends Im Behemoth
Purge on her like she bulimic
Hope that you not easily squeamish

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