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Londrelle - Situations lyrics

[Verse 1: Londrelle]
Take a few things into consideration
Before you lay together
Even its it good it's never going to
Be great enough to make you stay together
And once you start having s** , things can
Get confusing on a major level
Feelings get over excessive
Needing constant rea**urance just to
Know you're protected

So never confuse energy with chemistry
Just because the vibe is right
Doesn't mean its meant to be
Well it could have been the Hennesy
You were thinking love for infinity
And they were thinking
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A couple moments of intimacy
That relationship has no symmetry
And thats how s** friends become
Love enemies

Because your partner in live should
Only wish to bring out the best in you
And not just have s** with you
But maybe show you a side of
Yourself thats more intellectual
Be your peace with this world is stressing you
Anybody can generate some lies
Just to penetrate your thighs
But who can liberate your mind
Body and Soul
Body And Soul
Body And Soul

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